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2016 B2B Network Event Recap Video

The B2B Network is the place to promote your organization or business. This is Where Businesses Go to Grow. For more information please contact us: frank@firstbankb2b.com or julia@firstbankb2b.com

First Bank of Greenwich Wows with B2B Event

By Cheye Roberson

Sentinel Reporter

The First Bank of Greenwich held a business-to-business networking event last Thursday at The J House hotel that forged new bonds and gave people plenty to talk about.

Many of the attendees enjoyed having the chance to socialize with potential clients before their services are needed at perhaps a less joyous time.

“It ’s great. ...

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Can Businesses Successfully Utilize Snapchat?

By Rebecca Horton, MSM DesignZ, Inc.

Snapchat, the messaging application that allows users to send images, videos, text, and drawings that disappear after a certain amount of time viewed, has seen growth at a speed unlike any other app. Originally named Pictaboo, Snapchat managed to surpass Twitter in number of followers in 2014, just three years ...

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